Syntax of the World's Languages VI (SWL6)

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Conference description

In the same spirit as previous conferences in this series (SWL I – Leipzig 2004, SWL II – Lancaster 2006, SWL III – Berlin 2008, SWL IV – Lyon 2010, and SWL V - Dubrovnik 2012), SWL6 will provide a forum for linguists working on the syntax of less widely studied languages from a variety of perspectives.

The main purpose of the conference is to enlarge our knowledge and understanding of syntactic diversity. Contributions are expected to be based on first-hand data of individual languages or to adopt a broadly comparative perspective. The discussion of theoretical issues is appreciated to the extent that it helps to elucidate the data and is understandable without prior knowledge of the relevant theory.

All theoretical frameworks are equally welcome, and papers that adopt a diachronic or comparative perspective are also welcome, as are papers dealing with morphological or semantic issues, as long as syntactic issues also play a major role.

Invited speakers

Mauro Tosco, University of Turin
Using deictics as clause linkers: evidence from Gawwada

Bjarke Frellesvig, University of Oxford
Verb Verb Complex Predicates in Old Japanese

Senior organizing committee

Denis Creissels, University of Lyon
Ekkehard Koenig, Free University of Berlin, University of Freiburg
Martin Haspelmath, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Ranko Matasovic, University of Zagreb

Local organizing committee

Sonia Cristofaro - sonia.cristofaro (at)
Silvia Luraghi - silvia.luraghi (at)
Caterina Mauri - caterina.mauri (at)

Abstract reading committee

Peter Arkadiev, Gilles Authier, Mark Baker, Walter Bisang, Isabelle Bril, Denis Creissels, Sonia Cristofaro, Michael Daniel, Livio Gaeta, Volker Gast, Tom Gueldeman, Antoine Guillaume, Martin Haspelmath, Dmitry Idiatov, Guillaume Jacques, Seppo Kittila, Ekkehard Koenig, Leonid Kulikov, Silvia Luraghi, Gianguido Manzelli, Ranko Matasovic, Caterina Mauri, Craig Melchert, Heiko Narrog, Enrique Palancar, Elisa Roma, Andrea Sanso', Krzysztof Stronski, Elisa Roma, Francoise Rose, Malcolm Ross, Mario Squartini, Krysztof Stronsky, Anne Tamm, Mauro Tosco, Mark Van de Velde, Hein van der Voort, Jean-Christophe Verstraete, Fernando Zuniga

For information and abstract submission, please write to moc.liamg|ecnerefnoc.6lws#moc.liamg|ecnerefnoc.6lws

Important dates

Abstract submission:
- 31st January 2014: Deadline for abstract submission
- 31st March 2014: Notification of acceptance

- 15th April 2014: Registration begins
- 31st May 2014: End of early birds registration
- 30th June 2014: End of regular registration
- 15th August 2014: End of latecomers registration

- 8th-10th September 2014

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