Adjacent workshops

Adjacent workshops will take place at the University of Pavia on Thursady, September 11th, 2014.

Ditransitive constructions in a cross-linguistic perspective

Organizers: Agnes Korn and Carina Jahani

The workshop proposes to look at ditransitive constructions in various languages. Topics that the papers could address might include (among others):
- Morphological object marking (identical marking of direct and indirect objects; double accusatives; optional object marking; development of object markers; dative drift);
- Hierarchy-driven object marking / Differences between direct and indirect objects in relation to animacy hierarchies; to pro-drop; to word order; to diatheses;
- Syntactic objects (e.g. status of objects in complex predicates; status of indirect objects and the definition of core arguments)

East Caucasian preverbs and the compounding: derivation - inflection continuum

Organizer: Gilles Authier

The East Caucasian language family, though spoken in a compact area, is characterized by homogeneity in terms of its basic syntax but at the same time a remarkable typological diversity in its word formation devices, due to time depth and independent drift as well as external and internal contact. The use of preverbs is one of many parameters of this diversity, and although sets of preverbs have for the most part been exhaustively listed for the individual languages which have them, their syntax in relation with the corresponding locative cases and copulas, their history, and their development or decay over time have not been subject to a comparative investigation.

Voice systems in diachrony: a comparative perspective

Organizer: Michela Cennamo

The present workshop aims at investigating voice domains from a diachronic comparative perspective, focusing on the extent and limits of variation in the development of different voice patterns/systems in typologically distant and genetically unrelated languages, aiming at identifying possible constant/invariant paths of change as well as points of divergence for one and the same strategy and/or similar clusters of strategies in the rise and evolution of voice phenomena (e.g., the reflexive-middle continuum, passives and impersonals, causativization and anticausativization, serial/auxiliary verbs as passive markers, antipassivization, inverse and focus systems).

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