Pavia has several university dormitories (Collegi), where we have reserved single rooms for SWL6 participants. The cost is 47 Euros per room, including wifi connection and private bathroom. Three double rooms are also available at the Collegio del Maino (37 Euros per person per room). There should be enough rooms for all participants, but we also provide a list of hotels in the town center, for those who prefer this solution.

Location of Collegi


• Collegio Lazzaro Spallanzani - via Ugo Foscolo, 17 - Ph +39 0382.22796 http://www.collegiospallanzani.it/
• Collegio Castiglioni - via San Martino, 18 - Ph +39 0382.33518 http://www.exalunnecastiglioni.it/
• Collegio Plinio Fraccaro - p.zza Leonardo da Vinci, 2 - Ph +39 0382.301371 http://www.collegiofraccaro.it/
• Collegio Alessandro Volta - via Ferrata 17, Ph +39 0382.548511 http://www.collegiovolta.org/
• Collegio Giasone del Maino - via Luino, 4 - Ph +39 0382.376511 http://gdelmaino.altervista.org/index1.html

Please indicate your preference in the Registration Form and we will do our best to meet your desiderata. The criterion that will be followed will be "first come, first served".


Below you may find a list of hotels in the town center. We suggest that you reserve as soon as possible, because there might be further events in the same period. If you use www.booking.com you might find good offers.

Hotel Excelsior
Hotel Aurora
Hotel Rosengarten
Hotel Moderno
Locanda della Stazione - reservation only by phone: +39038229321


You may find some cheap and nice apartments and studios also on Airbnb

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